I’ve been asked in the past “How is this royalty free music if I have to pay for it?” Well the term ‘Royalty free music’ is a term meaning that it is music that is licensed with no royalties per usage. In most cases if you are using music that is not licensed as Royalty Free there are copyrights in play here by the composer or the record label. If you use the music “illegally” by not getting permission or paying a royalty fee to use it you will run into issues. Some cases you could be sued such as the case with popular Youtuber Michelle Phan vs Ultra Records. That is something that is not worth it when there is so much awesome royalty free music out there with few limitations.

Royalty free music is a growing industry last few years with not just the professional film maker but also because of the popularity of Youtube which gives everyone the chance to become a video star. Youtube requires you to either own the rights to the music you use in your video or to have legally licensed music written by someone else.

If you do not use legal music in your Youtube videos then several things can happen.
1. Youtube can turn off the audio of your video
2. Place ads on top of your video and take away your monetization rights.
3. Take down your video completely
4. Block your video on mobile devices
5. Block your video in certain countries.
And in some cases record labels are working with Youtube to block videos with copy written music as well.

You can find awesome Royalty free music Here

If you want to know how you can use the music from Soundnook then check out our License Here

Also if you are not sure about if the music you want to use is legal from other sites you can check out Creative Commons license Here

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